The Future of Mobility

Bring Autonomous Driving into Real Life

Full Stack Solutions

  • More Reliable Perception

    More Reliable Perception

    China‘s first large model that achieves Joint Multi-Modality and Temporal Fusion through production-ready computing platform

  • Smarter Planning & Control

    Smarter Planning & Control

    Solely in China to deliver Joint Spatio-temporal Algorithm to create a flexible and efficient driving strategy like an "veteran driver"

  • More Efficient Closed-loop Data

    More Efficient Closed-loop Data

    Streamlining the entire cycle from data selection, labeling, training to simulation, to achieve efficient data flow and closed-loop validation

“Chengfeng” High-Level Driver
Assistance Solutions

Providing Urban and Highway NOA, and creating affordable and efficient driving
assistant systems that are easy to use and loved by our customers

Multiple Product Solutions Designed
for Complex Urban Environments

For intelligent development in various scenarios and products,
such as mass-produced models, urban public transportation, and ride-hailing

Talented R&D Team

Extensive experiences in autonomous driving industry