The Future of Mobility

Bring Autonomous Driving into Real Life

Gigafactory for Autonomous Driving

Full stack solutions 「Driven-by-QCraft」enable highly efficient automated data utilization and streamlined delivery of solutions.

  • Full stack autonomous driving solutions

    Full stack solutions built from the ground up featuring leading technologies in mapping, perception and motion planning, available for diverse traffic scenarios and vehicle types.

  • Universal and modularized hardware with full redundancy

    The fusion of multiple high-precision sensors enables stable perception free of blind spots. The modularized kit is easy to deploy, and full redundancy ensures safety.

  • Highly efficient automated data utilization

    The highly automated and customizable data loop efficiently performs data quality inspection, model training, simulation testing and evaluation.

Designed for Complex Urban Environments

QCraft's 「Driven‑by‑QCraft」 solutions can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of vehicle types, creating a new form of mobility, meeting the needs arising from diverse urban traffic scenarios.

Talented R&D Team

Extensive experiences in autonomous driving industry