World-Leading Autonomous Driving Solutions

Full stack solutions combined with closed-loop data automation can be efficiently deployed and iterated on

High-Precision Multi-Sensor
Fusion Kit

Accurately synchronized high-precision sensors eliminate blind spots.
Modularization enables convenient deployment and upgrade.

High-Performance Computing
Platform with Full Redundency

Redundant computing units ensure decision-making
efficiency and vehicle safety.

High-Precision Mapping

Accurate real-time positioning supports driving in all urban environments including tunnels, underground garages, etc.

360° Perception, Zero Blind Spots

All sensors perceive the surrounding in unison via high-precision sensor fusion

Advanced Planning and Control

Driving like an experienced human driver

Highly Efficient Closed-Loop Data Automation

QCraft toolchain drives rapid algorithm iteration

Designed for Complex Urban Environments
and Diverse Vehicle Types

Universal software and hardware solutions for fast deployment