World-Leading Autonomous
Driving Solutions

Full stack solutions combined with closed-loop data automation
can be efficiently deployed and iterated on

Cost-effective Hardware Solutions,
Adaptable & Customizable
to Offer Flexible Configuration

Flexible sensor solutions for different car models and manufacturers

Smooth Deployment on Various
Auto-grade Domain Controllers

First Urban AD Solution Provider Based on Horizon
Robotics Journey™ 5

Ultra Fusion: Joint Multi-Modality
and Temporal Fusion

Perception model allowing information from multiple sensors at different stages to complement each other

OmniNet: Omnipotent Neural Network

More precise perception | Better vehicle adaptivity | More efficient iteration

Abundant & Accurate Environment
Perception Results

With higher precision and accuracy

Advanced Planning and Control

Driving like an experienced human driver

China First Adoption of Joint Spatio-Temporal Planning

More adaptable to human driving habits,
complex scenarios, and data-driven approaches

  • Separated Spatio-Temporal Planning
  • Joint Spatio-Temporal Planning

High-Precision Mapping

Accurate real-time positioning supports driving in all urban environments including tunnels, underground garages, etc.

Highly Efficient Closed-Loop
Data Automation

QCraft toolchain drives rapid algorithm iteration

Designed for Complex Urban Environments
and Diverse Vehicle Types

Universal software and hardware solutions for fast deployment

Designed for Complex Urban Environments and Diverse Vehicle Types