As Drive-throughs are Helping to Combat Coronavirus, QCraft Demonstrates Industry’s first Self-driving Solution for Drive-throughs


After South Korea and Britain, more and more countries are now using fast food-style drive-throughs to test for coronavirus. While in China, drive-throughs are widely used in retail as a way to reduce or prevent possible exposure to coronavirus. QCraft, the leading provider of self-driving technology, has demonstrated autonomous driver system navigating through the drive-through process for the first time.

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In the demonstration, QCraft self-driving vehicle is seen going through a McDonald's drive-through lane after coping with multiple complex scenes of a typical public road. This demonstration is the world's first demonstration of autonomous driving in a real drive-through scenario. It is also the first appearance of another innovative business application after the highway pilot program and parking pilot program.

A drive-through is a typical urban scene with complex road and traffic conditions. In the US, people make about 6 billion 'visits' to roughly 200,000 drive-through operations each year and these represent only fast-food restaurants. If each drive-through takes about 3.5 minutes, it is estimated that consumers in total spend more than 300 million hours to navigate through the drive-through each year.

But the autonomous industry has not developed a business application for this specific scenario yet. For self-driving cars, navigating through the drive-through lane is a highly complex process.

However, using a large-scale intelligent simulation system and a self-learning framework for decision-making and planning, the QCraft autonomous driver system can handle a variety of challenging driving situations. The commissioning and deployment time can also be greatly shortened. When taking the 'drive-through pilot' as an example, only three steps are required to successfully deploy the solution - mapping, simulation, and validation iteration.

The 'drive-through pilot' from QCraft gives more room for imagination when it comes to business applications. The QCraft autonomous driver system can be deployed across a variety of vehicle platforms as well as business applications that encompass not only Robotaxi and food delivery vehicles, but also passenger cars of Level 3 or above.